How it's made

After scouring through books and fabric stores for inspiration, I choose each fabric with an idea to what it wants to become. I try to craft each bag with proper pattern placement.
In my house that is a 1 bedroom apartment at this time, I have my Singer sewing machine. This workhorse manages all my sewing and a handy iron to get my perfect seams. 
House work corner
This gorgeous location by the patio is where I can spend hours of the day and not realize how many days went by. 
This table handles my sewing, packing, shipping, and inventory check list,
Once an order is received, (following a Happy dance by me :)), I first check if that item is ready-to-ship. if yes then it get steam ironed and packaged beautifully, with a loving hand written message and shipped the following day. If not, i dont post items unless I already have fabric for it, it is made to order and shipped.
As much as I love receiving orders and shipping, I love creating more and more new bags. I usually make my bags and key fobs ready to go just because I love making them so much. "Makers gonna make".